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A non-profit Asian American performing arts organization with roots in Riverside, CA.


What We Do

Having outgrown the constraints of collegiate taiko, the members of TaikoMix decided to head out into a new arena – exiting the umbrella of a public university to form an ensemble of our own. TaikoMix was created shortly after the 2005 North American Taiko Conference when Jeannette Maniago and Terry Nguyen acquired taiko and various instruments of their own. They soon figured that they should put these instruments to good use by piecing together a performing ensemble.

TaikoMix was created to educate the public--particularly residents of the Inland Empire--about the history and performance of North American Taiko. We offer an opportunity for individuals of all ages to learn about taiko and other traditional Japanese performing arts. Additionally, TaikoMix serves as an experimental outlet providing alumni of collegiate taiko groups with resources to improve their own performance and leadership skills while acquiring new ones.

(photo credit: Roy Mukogawa)


Dedication to Our Community

Sharing the tradition and joys of Taiko!

TaikoMix is committed to the spirit of volunteerism and providing opportunities to our community members to learn and play taiko! We offer a wide range of services to meet your event needs--from workshops and beginner lessons, to full performances by our talented roster of teachers and performers.

Youth workshop at Matsuri 2017
Disney Community Arts Showcase
LA Times feature!

Proudly serving the Inland Empire
and surrounding regions since 2008.

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